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MEDIA core widget

MEDIA is another core widget used by XRipe Website Builder to to upload, insert, delete, crop, resize pictures, images and other media files in the media gallery. Images are important aspect of nearly all modern website development or of just about any website experience. Images speak louder than voice and provide a powerful way to convey your message across, capture visitors’ attention, hence increase engagement on your website.

Unlike Image widget, used to upload/insert image in an on-demand manner, MEDIA is used to organize and manage media files. You can not insert image into your webpage using MEDIA. All media files uploaded using MEDIA are stored in the media gallery or library and accessible for re-use across all pages of your website. That way, you can preliminary upload as many images and files as possible into the gallery using MEDIA and later access and use them with the help of Image widget or other widgets that support media operations.

For images, MEDIA supports the following file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG

To process media files with MEDIA, do the following:

  • Click on the MEDIA core widget icon (third item on the core widget list )
  • Wait for the media manager modal page to load

File Operations with Editing PAGES Element

Upload Media File(s)
  • To Upload a new media file into the library, click on the Drop files here to upload
  • Select the file(s) from your device's file upload dialog window and then click Open
Crop / Delete / Resize / Insert File Select the file from the list:
  • Crop - make a duplicate copy of the file
  • Delete - delete the file from library. Operation is irreversible
  • Resize - adjust the width of the media file
  • Insert Image - insert the media file into your web page (disabled; enabled only for Image widget)

XRipe : website constructor media widget image library
XRipe : sitebuilder  media widget file manager

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