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Introducing XRipe Website Builder

Introducing XRipe Website builder for non-programmers, core features

6 Oct 2021 10:39:57

Basic Requirements

Basic requirements needed to start building your website with XRipe website builder

5 Oct 2021 09:32:33

User Interface

User interface, description of functional buttons, menu, dashboard

8 Oct 2021 02:17:14

Selecting A Template - First Task

Selecting amazing template to create your free website with XRipe

6 Oct 2021 08:35:29

Customizing Your Website

How to customize your website. Basic settings, Site Description, Keyword, SEO

8 Oct 2021 09:25:56

Element Widgets Overview

Website Builder Element Widgets. Brief Description of element widgets as building blocks of website creation for non-programmers

9 Oct 2021 02:09:36

DashBoard Overview

How to effectively navigate and use the Admin control panel. The menu items, pop-up hints and help annotations.

6 Oct 2021 08:14:16

XRipe Core Widgets Overview

XRipe Core Widgets Overview. Brief description, using core widgets to build your website with or without ready-made templates

10 Oct 2021 08:20:56

Your Website Constructor

How to manage your domains from Admin Control Panel: Add, Edit, Delete domains. Monitor domain expiration, Manage domain categories, WHOIS

14 Oct 2021 04:17:46


Use aggregator to import, merge and combine sections of different templates to make a unique one - Your own

10 Oct 2021 01:47:57


TEMPLATES core widget import additional templates into your website page with ease. You can combine multiple templates

10 Oct 2021 02:05:48


Widget to upload, insert, delete, crop, resize and manage images, pictures, videos, photograph

12 Oct 2021 09:09:46


With pages widget, you can create additional web pages. You can also modify web page name and urll, SEO tags, duplicate and delete web pages

16 Oct 2021 08:06:35


Settings widget can be user to edit general site settings including uploading favicon image

5 Oct 2021 12:35:48


Design core widget is used for website global design including default background color, default text font and color

5 Oct 2021 12:41:42

Block (Section) Widget

Block or section widget invokes section tags for insertion into your web page. Section or block acts as container and is used to group together rel...

16 Oct 2021 11:24:56

Slider Widget

Slider widget makes website elements into sliders. It lets you create basic, responsive sliders for your site

5 Oct 2021 01:17:29

Column Widget

Xripe column widget is build on the grid's flexbox architecture. Grid system with a series of containers, rows, and columns to layout and alig...

5 Oct 2021 01:28:35

Inner Column Widget

Track the activity of users. Collect and log data about unique visits, hits, page views, referrer, IP, country etc and sending it to the analytics ...

5 Oct 2021 01:45:43

Menu Widget

Menu is used for creating context menu as well as lists menu. Menu represents an unordered list of items, each of which represents a text and link ...

5 Oct 2021 02:01:23