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Why XRipe?

Be it for personal or business needs, portfolio or landing page, to create a professional-looking website you no longer have to be an expert in web programming, scripting language, designer or online security guru.
XRipe website builder has simplified the whole process into six simple steps:

Website Creation Make Easy by Xripe

Core Features

Page Manager

Amazing collection of elements and building blocks of a webpage for non-technical savvy users helps you design and launch your professional website without hassles.

Drag and Drop

With an easy Drag and Drop Feature, now customize your page as per your needs. Clone, Move, Edit elements to achieve the look and feel you've always wanted, but never got 

Template Aggregator

Sure, you can start-go your project with a single template - the tradional way. Xripe Template Aggregator takes you beyond the limits: select, import and combine elements or sections of different templates to make a unique one - your own.

Media Manager 

Xripe media manager helps to Organize Your Media Files. Images, Phtotographs, Pictures, Video files are now easy to upload, edit, crop, resize, save into a special repository to be used and re-used across your projects.

Element Widgets

Widget are essentially the backbone of modern websites - image box, contact  forms, gallery, sliders, carousels, maps, to name but few. With little to zero learning curve, Xripe brings to your fingertips what used to be "sacred secret" among seasoned developers. 


SEO Manager

The task of inserting or updating page Meta tags, OG tags or any crucial SEO elements have been made so easy with Xripe. Further, template body blocks have been structured such that headings are used in a hierarchical manner to boost SEO.

Images. Xripe in pictures

Start Building Your Free Website

Remember! Using template aggregator, you can merge multiple templates or sections

Xripe Website Builder

- everything you need to build your professional website without coding.

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