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Element Widgets Overview

XRipe Element Widgets. Overview

Element Widgets are the building blocks of XRipe Visual Site Builder.

All web XRipe Element Widgets keep references to the element and wrapper DOM objects. Element is the object from which the widget is initialized.

Wrapper is the outermost object which is a part of the widget. Depending on the widget and scenario, wrapper might be the same as element. For example, if the Grid is initialized from a DIV, the two references match; if the Grid is initialized from a TABLE, then element points to TABLE while wrapper points to DIV.

Depending on the widget, element can be visible (for example, in the Calendar, and DatePicker), or hidden (for example, in the DropDownList and Upload).

As a user, in most cases, to use the widgets in your work, all you need do is select-drag-drop the widget into the central workspace, on the web page area of the Constructor. After that, you invoke the element context menu and click the necessary item in the action list.

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