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Introducing XRipe Website Builder

XRipe website builder is advanced, yet simple tools used by many small and medium business owners to create, launch and promote their websites without programming knowledge.

XRipe website builder combines ease of use with total creative freedom, making it easy for beginners to create professional-looking websites. XRipe is a perfect choice for small businesses and portfolios. Be it for personal or business needs, portfolio or landing page, to create a professional-looking website you no longer have to be an expert in web programming, scripting language, designer or online security guru. XRipe website builder has simplified the whole process into six simple steps:

  • Select a design template
  • Create a project
  • Drag-Drop Elements, Clone, Copy-paste, Edit texts
  • Upload, Images, Videos, Other graphics
  • Compile, Preview your future website
  • Publish and Host your website
  • Promote your website (optional)

XRipe Core Features

Page Manager

Amazing collection of elements and building blocks of a web page for non-technical savvy users helps you design and launch your professional website without hassles. Page Manager also enables you to create as many web pages as you want. No Limit.

Drag and Drop Elements

With an easy Drag and Drop Feature, now customize your page as per your needs. Clone, Move, Edit elements to achieve the look and feel you've always wanted, but never got.

Template Aggregator

XRipe Template Aggregator takes you beyond the limits of using just one design template for your website. You can select, import and combine elements or sections of different templates to make a unique one - your own.

Media Manager

XRipe media manager helps to Organize Your Media Files. Images, Photographs, Pictures, Video files are now easy to upload, edit, crop, resize, use and re-use across your projects.

Code Snippets

Snippets are essentially the backbone of modern websites - text editors, contact forms, gallery, sliders, carousels, maps, to name but few. With little to zero learning curve, XRipe brings to your fingertips what used to be "top secrets" among seasoned developers.

SEO Manager

The task of inserting or updating page Meta tags, OG tags or any crucial SEO elements have been made so easy with XRipe . Further, template body blocks have been structured such that headings are used in a hierarchical manner to boost SEO.

Global Blocks Repository

Global Blocks Repository empowers XRipe users to create, manage, and update global brand templates at scale. You can add any section of your design template or text blocks to the global block repository and use them across the pages of your website to maintain uniformity. Most popular usage of global blocks: header, footer, navigation menu etc.

Custom Code Manager

Hardly, but should the need arise users with even basic coding knowledge can easily and safely add custom codes to their web page documents or to any section of the page. You can do this directly from XRipe website builder workspace. PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc are all supported.

WYSIWYG Text Editor

WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get. XRipe WYSIWYG editor exactly reflects the texts of your web page document as they would appear in their finished state when published online. All text formatting are done with visual aids, without a single line of codes.

XRipe Additional Features

Website Hosting

XRipe offers free hosting for every website you create. Basic hosting of your will address of a subdomain under XRipe site. For example: All sites are hosted on secure server with SSL certificate.
You can also host your on your own custom domain such as:
A custom domain name can make your website look professional online - it builds your brand, makes your website more memorable.

Website Promotion

In today's cut-throat competition, launching a stunning website is not enough. For your website to attract visitors (traffic), create brand awareness and drive sales, you need to promote it by way of advertising. XRipe is integrated with our Advertising Network for SME - AdVow. We recommend you seize the opportunity and promote your website(s) at a special discounted rate for all websites created with XRipe

Detailed Documentation and Support Center

Apart from intuitive user interface, self-explanatory click-and-go links and buttons, XRipe is equipped with detailed documentation, help files with examples, screenshots and videos for excellent user experience. There is also stand-by technical support team to answer your questions and guide you through should you encounter any difficulties while using XRipe.

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