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Unlike most website builders, where you are limited to just one design-template for creating your website, XRipeTemplate AGGREGATOR empowers you with exceptional tool to apply your creativity and design a website of your dream.

Using Template AGGREGATOR, you can import various sections from multiple templates and designs, clone, move, combine them to create a unique template - your own template. There is no limit to the number of combinations, placements, arrangements, colors and sizes of the template sections you can import into your web page. And because it's your unique design, no one else can replicate it!

To import and merge section(s) of other templates, do the following:

    • Click on the AGGREGATOR core widget icon

    • Wait for the modal page with template sections library to load

    • Browse the list or filter to select separate section(s) from other templates

    • Click on the section image. The modal page automatically closes.

    • Decide on where to drop the section, using your mouse crossbar cursor and the green horizontal line

    • Left-click your mouse to drop the section in the location

    • If necessary, repeat the process for other sections

    • Done, save your work as draft or publish
XRipe :  website builder core element template aggregator widget icon


XRipe :  website builder default template
XRipe :  website builder core element  aggregator widget template sections

XRipe :    website builder template aggregator merged sections

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