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DashBoard Overview

The Dashboard

The dashboard is the page you is where you land after login into the system. General-purpose functions, statistics, menu and buttons are located on the page. Namely:

  • Top Menu Bar - located at the top of the page - block_1 in the picture
  • Usage Statistics - located left side of the page - block_2 in the picture
  • Options (actions) Drop-down with selectable menu items - located right of usage statistics - block_3 in the picture
XRipe dashboard page

Top Menu Bar (block_1)

Profile Your personal data including login, password and email address
Logout Self-explanatory. Log out of the system.

Usage Statistics (block_2)

Space used Total disk space used by your website(s)
Status Your account status: Active, Waiting Activation or Suspended
Package Your subscription package or plan
Expire date Subscription period of validity

Options (actions) Drop-down (block_3)

Preview Opens a new window to preview your compiled website, exactly how it will look after publishing/hosting
Edit Directs to Website Constructor, where you can make modifications to your website project
Manage Subscription Opens a modal dialog with form to Upgrade or Downgrade your subscription, make payment if necessary
Manage Domains Opens a modal dialog with form to Connect your custom domain and assign it to the current website for publishing/hosting. There is also an option to use XRipe Website Builder subdomain
Manage Mailboxes Opens a modal dialog with form to create/delete mail account(s), without leaving the page to go to your hosting account panel with XRipe
Delete Website Deletes the currently selected website and free disk space. Action irreversible!

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